About Norega Gathering, LLC

Norega Gathering, LLC is a company that is active in the process of gathering natural gas in the Carrizo Springs area. We operate a low pressure gas line near Carrizo Springs, Texas.

What does Norega Gathering, LLC do if a leak occurs?

To prepare for the event of a leak, pipeline companies regularly communicate, plan and train with local emergency responders. Upon the notification of an incident or leak the pipeline company will immediately dispatch trained personnel to assist emergency responders. Pipeline operators and emergency responders are trained to protect life, property and facilities in the case of an emergency. Pipeline operators will also take steps to minimize the amount of product that leaks out and to isolate the pipeline emergency.

Call before you dig. It’s the law!

By calling 811 at least 2 working days before your excavation activities, you greatly lessen the risk of damage to an underground utility. Digging without knowing the approximate location of these utilities can result in service disruptions, costly repairs, but most importantly; your safety.

Maintaining safety and integrity of pipelines

Norega Gathering, LLC invests significant time and capital maintaining the quality and integrity of their pipeline systems. Most active pipelines are monitored 24 hours a day via manned control centers. Norega Gathering, LLC also utilizes aerial surveillance and/or on-ground observers to identify potential dangers. Control center personnel continually monitor the pipeline system and assess changes in pressure and flow. They notify field personnel if there is a possibility of a leak. Automatic shut-off valves are sometimes utilized to isolate a leak.
Gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline operators have developed supplemental hazard and assessment programs known as Integrity Management Programs (IMPs). Specific information about Norega Gathering, LLC’s program may be found by contacting us directly.